The Strides of Storytelling in UX

Storytelling in UX — Bumpy Ride

Your Average User

How does storytelling work?

  • Temporal Sequence: Everything happens in a linear sequence
  • Casual Connection: When one event causes another event to happen
  1. Choose your stage
  2. Do some homework
  3. Create your content
  4. Talk in your user’s language

Choose your stage

Storytelling in UX — Choose your stage

Do some homework

Storytelling in UX — User research
Storytelling in UX — creating an experience

Create your content

  • Descriptors: Describes what’s happening
  • Context: Describes why should you care

Talk in your user’s language




I Design Stuff! — UX Designer & Writer

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Muhammad Ahmad

Muhammad Ahmad

I Design Stuff! — UX Designer & Writer

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