BobaMe — A Bubble Tea Ecommerce Case Study

Pakistanis love to drink chai (tea) or at least a majority of them do. Despite that, the Pakistani market hasn’t really been very open towards trying new types of tea like bubble tea. I know any die-hard fan of chai would think comparing traditional chai with bubble tea is barbaric and who knows maybe they’re right.

But that didn’t stop me from trying to see if there’s room for a bubble tea on the shelf of Pakistani who love chai. After all, curious is the mind that wanders into wonders.

So let’s start with the scope of this project. This was actually one of my first ever projects as a UX designer at that time I hadn’t learned much about user research so in order to empathize with my users I use the DICD framework here.

Apart from that I was also short on time I had a 2 weeks window to complete the entire project. Lastly, since this was a personal project, cost minimization was a huge factor in the equation as well.

Project overview

BobaMe is an online ecommerce platform that helps users purchase Boba Tea from the comfort of their homes with real-time order tracking.

The objective of the app is to provide a platform for users to buy their favorite boba teas with ease.

Problem statement: BobaMe will let users order their favorite boba tea all while sitting in the luxury of their homes.

User flow

Here’s how the user would go about ordering his favorite bubble teas from our platform:

UX Case Study — userflow

Style Guide

You might wonder why I went into a more pinkish shade. Well to be honest based on multiple researches bubble tea is a predominantly feminine drink. That doesn’t mean men don’t drink it (obviously they do).

Plus, I also wanted to distinguish the brand from any competitors in the market and while most of them used other colors, I aimed for pink.

UX Case Study — style guide


Now we get to the fun bit. Making the actual screens.

UX case study — Screens

And there you have it folks!

(please do remember this was my first project so I was still a novice in the ranks back then)

If you love to talk about anything design-related hit me up on Linkedin here.

Or just send me an email here.



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